AUGUST 11th and 12th, 2017

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Vintage Camping

Sites in the vintage camping area are irregularly sized due to their location on the grounds. Please be aware that the map used for pre-registering is a generic map used to guarantee you a spot, on a first come first serve basis, in the vintage area. Upon your arrival the layout will be the same as you remember from years past and you will have your pick of the sites available at the time of your arrival. For example if you picked site number V63 when you registered that does not mean you are going to be in that specific spot on the map. The sites are not number specific in vintage camping area.

Vintage Camping area is located in the show area so it is required that vehicles and campers allowed in the vintage camping area meet show criteria. No vehicles allowed that don't meet show criteria. 1970 and older campers please. However, If you have a newer camper that you feel fits the bill send us a picture in advance for pre-approval.

We expect this area to match the vintage stylings of the main show area. So please no new style tents or canopies. Old style canvas tents and canopies would be ideal. Have fun finding camp gear to fit the era to deck out your site. We as well as the spectators look forward to see what you come up with!

Check-in starts Thursday at 9:00am.

Please do not park your vehicles in the isles. Isles need to remain clear for event staff vehicles to pass easily as they go about their business.

Please be mindful of your neighbors, inside the grounds quiet time is at 11:00pm.

To keep the staff and your neighbors happy please keep your sites clean. There are garbage dumpsters located at the south end of Overflow camping. Also, there are trash and recyclable receptacles located throughout the grounds for your convenience.

Click here for further questions regarding Show Rules or Vehicle Criteria.

Pre-register now to get your pick of the sites.

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